Select from free and paid version advantages

buy-or-notDVDs and CDs are cheap options to store lots of data that can be read on different operating systems and media devices. However, optical discs can easily get scratched and wear off, meaning you will lose the stored data. To avoid this issue, it is best to have a backup copy of your DVD or CD collections.

Daemon Tools Lite is one of the most admired image mounting software. This smart and simple program is used around the world to mount and make virtual images. Fortunately, home users do not have to spend money on buying Daemon Tools Lite, but just download its free version. The only con of free download is that there are fewer features when compared to the paid version.

Commercial use – paid license starts at $19.99

If you want to run this program for commercial purposes, then you need to spend money on getting the license. For personal usage at home, the program is complimentary but to apply it at your workplace you will have to buy the one with a serial number.

Free image mounting application has several restrictions. However, with paid license you get free lifetime updates. Just pay once and attain the entire upgraded Daemon Tools version for free eternally. This is a very appealing deal, isn’t it?

With the paid version you get exciting extras like full technical support from a devoted team that readily troubleshoots your technical issues related to the program. They are available 24/7, which is really a good deal.

How to install Daemon Tools Lite?

  1. You can buy your license from Daemon Tools official website. Just select the version you desire and click on ‘Add to cart’ box.
  2. The next page will display the selected licenses for checking, click on the ‘Continue’ box.
  3. Enter e-mail address and select your country then click on ‘Continue’ box.
  4. Select your payment method and fill in the required details.
  5. Your preferred Daemon Tools license will be in your account. You will also get a detailed e-mail confirming the same.

Ads to opt out

In free versions, you get a lot of ads on the right hand side. The best part is that you get an option to opt out of them.

Features of Daemon Tools Lite are:

  • Allows you to create, save as files and mount images from your DVD, CD or Blu-ray discs.
  • Backup for any software and data can be made easily because it supports SecuROM, SafeDisc, RMPs and LaserLock. In case you have to handle protected discs, you will have to consider the Pro version.
  • Offers usable and simple interface
  • Prevents damage and wear down of the device and physical disc
  • Main features from Daemon Tools gadgets can be directly accessed from your desktops with few clicks.
  • All current image formats like .iso, .mdx, .nrg, .flac and more are supported.
  • Bootable discs can be copied.
  • Image files can be protected with password.

Software and data saved as single image file gets protected from virus attacks, sd they usually damage files with .doc, .exe, etc. and not .sio or .mdx.