Usage guide

Daemon Tools is a cost and time effective disc imaging software.  Disk imaging is a process of creating files from CDs, DVDs and Blu-ray discs so that you can use their data later without inserting the physical storage disc in the disc drive.  The software can also be used to create or mount ISO files, and other types of files.

How to get started

Step #1 – Get the Software

Download the free Daemon software here.  You can also opt for the prized copy which comes with advanced features and gives you instant access to updates.

Step #2 – Install

To block the ad software, deselect the “Daemons Tools Search Bar” before you install the program and follow the same procedure for installing any other program.
* Double click on the exe. file you downloaded.
* Agree to the product license by clicking the “Agree” icon.
* Click “Next”.
* Uncheck the “Browser Start Page” box and click “Next”.
* To start the installation process, click “Install”.
* And click “Finish”.

If you want to mount image:

* Locate the “Disk” icon on the toolbar and right-click on it.
* From the drop down menu select “Daemon Tools Panel.”
* Click the red icon to change “Integration” preference.
* Click on “Select All”.
* Click “Apply”.
* Click the icon of the disk drive.  Move your mouser above “Device O” and click “Mount Image”.
* Locate the image folder, highlight the file and click “Open”.
The file will run automatically.  If the file does not automatically run, click on “Start Menu” and select “My Computer”.  Double click the “Daemon Tools Virtual Drive”-this would either be drive “E” or “F” depending on the number of drives you already have on your computer.

Why should you use Daemon Tools?

dt_lite583Daemon Tools can help you create, mount images or save files from Blu-ray discs, CDs and DVDs.  It supports LaserLock, SafeDisc, RMPS and SecuROM.  This allows easy creation of backup copies of software or data.  If you deal with protected discs, you should opt for Daemon Tools Pro which has advanced features for handling protected discs. Daemon Tools can prevent physical damage to discs and devices because you don’t need to always have the disc in the disc drive to use it. After installation, Daemon Tools gadget can be accessed easily from the desktop.  The gadget offers ease-of-access to the main features with just a couple of mouse clicks.   Image file formats like .iso, .flac, .nrg, .mdx, and more are supported.

To make the most of Daemon Tools’ disc copying features you can download free disc burning software like Astroburn and create bootable discs. By using Daemon Tools to create files you also protect your data against stout virus attacks.  Microsoft documents files and other file types like .exe, are prone to virus attacks; however, .mdx and .iso have proven to stand strong against malware invasions.
Daemon Tools can be used for personal or commercial purposes. The license for personal use is free, while the one for commercial use comes at a prize.  But the free copy does not come with complete support and free feature updates as it is with the commercial copy.