USB Encryption

usb-logo2Technology has vastly grown in the past couple of years, making our routine works easier and simpler. Amongst all, the ‘USB drive’ technology is considered as a greatest innovation that enabled you to carry loads of data just in your pocket.

USB drives are greatly helpful for employees, students and other individuals who need to carry their important data to different places like home, office, colleges, business trips and etc. If you want to your work files to be with you all the time, then a USB stick would be your best choice.

You can take your USB (pen-drive) anywhere to access data with the help of computer, laptops or even tablets. These portable USB drives come with several helpful features, including data encryption facility. In the following post, you’ll get to see useful information about the encryption of USB sticks and simple steps to encrypt your personal USB pen drive on Windows.

Why USB Encryption?

USB drives basically offer you top flexibility to save, carry and access your data on different machines. Here, USB encryption becomes important. You never want your personal files to be accessed by any other individual.

So, it’s always wise to use encrypted USB flash drive, in order to protect all your confidential files such as digital IDs, payment invoices, passwords, certificates and so on. USB encryption is the best option to keep all your files safe and secure from any unauthorized access.

So, how to convert your normal USB drive into an encrypted USB? Read on to know the simple steps.

Steps to Encrypt USB Drive In Windows OS

Windows doesn’t offer any in-built function to encrypt portable devices, so you’ll need to use special utilities like Daemon Tools Ultra for that. Firstly, download and install Daemon Tools Ultra 2.3 (latest version) on your windows PC. Now the actual encryption process starts –

  • Open Daemon Tools Ultra, and go to ‘Tools’ menu. Select option ‘Write Protected Data to Disc/USB’.
  • Select the drive you want to encrypt and then hit the ‘Next’ button.
  • At this stage you can add several files and documents. Click ‘Next’ after adding the files.
  • Finally, set the password and click on ‘Start Burn’ button. Done!

Then, the tool will start the encryption process for your selected USB drive. Usually, it takes several minutes to burn and encrypt your USB flash drive.

Opening the Encrypted USB Stick

USB encryption creates a virtual image of your stored data. In order to open the encrypted USB drive, you need an extractor utility or any Daemon utility that can mount image files and help you access the data inside. Extractor simply copies the data to your hard disc. Daemon Tools is recommended software to handle the encrypted USB. It mounts data from that stick, which appears as a virtual disc.

Hopefully, the above article will significantly help you to create a password-protected USB. Now, you’ve a secured USB flash disc, which you can carry anywhere and access on any machine without risk of any potential threat.